Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Though miles separate, it's the little things that keep us connected

The past couple of weeks have been weird around here.  There hasn't been a rhythm to life and we've lacked a sense of normalcy.  Life in Bismarck has been chaotic with the flooding and our days at home have been messed up with the lack of school.

We've had accidental injuries, changes of plans at the last minute, issues to deal with involving one of our kids and his ongoing struggles with balancing his behavior and lots and LOTS of broken things around the house that Marc has had to fix.

In a has sucked the past 2 weeks.  Not sucked as in life or death problems, but more like the kind of problems that give you a rash or like wearing an ill-fitting bra.  It gets the job done, but man, does it rub, pinch, bind and just plain old make life uncomfortable!

But today I got something in the mail that made me smile.  It was from Corey and it was a lovely little note that let me know she knew my life has been out of whack for a while and she included a little button to wear.  The button sums it all up.  It simply says, "The older I get, the more everyone can kiss my a$$"  Miles and miles separate us, but it sure feels good to know others are thinking of me and get my atypical life. 

Hugs and kisses to my dear Soul Sisters.  We are a unique group of women who get each other and it's good to know that although we are separated by great distances, we share a common thread and bond.

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Corey said...

So glad you liked it! Am thinking of getting it as a tattoo. Just kidding. OR AM I?