Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I can't stand the not knowing

I emailed GLA to inquire about the two little girls that may be related to Richnigthder and haven't heard a peep, boo, or a holler from them.  I also emailed Vivian and haven't heard back either.  I can't stand not knowing if these little girls might be Richnigthder's little sisters.  Even Marc is annoyed that we haven't heard anything.

If these little girls are related, we most definetly would move heaven and earth to bring them home to be our daughters.  Anyone have a contact at GLA that might be able to get the answer for us?


Cheryl said...

My husband says he thinks he contacted you and forwarded your email on to Dixie. Are you the same person? LOL! My husband is in charge of GLA's blog. I realize you posted this a few weeks ago while we were actually in Haiti.

Cheryl, who is going to Orlando next year!

geralyn said...

Cheryl, If your husband is Tom, then yes, he did get back to me. Sadly, the little girls are not related to my 8 year old son.

You're going to Orlando.....C.O.O.L!!!!! I can't wait to meet you. My email is so lets chat and get to know each other.

Cheryl said...

Geralyn, are you on facebook? We definitely need to chat!

Julie said...

Hello... I saw the name Geralyn on Kari's new private blog. I thought. I know her! We met at Haiti Camp!

I blog on Wordpress... I typically comment on my blogspot identity because it is quicker.