Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Guess what followed me home?

No it wasn't some smokin' hot stud...he already lives here! HAHAHA  Well actually, Marc is pretty damn hot, but I digress.  Jan phoned me early and asked if I could meet her in Wilton to look at a little house for sale.  So I left the kids with Marc and drove like a bat out of hell, drove leisurely to Wilton to meet her at the Cenex.  She had Aila with her and we had a nice long chat before we decided to head back to my place.

She followed me on the drive back here to our place and as I was preparing to pull onto HWY 36 what do i see staring at me from the middle of the two lane road, but an itty-bitty kitty.  I stopped, got out and walked to the cat, which I fully expected to run away from me, and to my suprise, it walked to me and rubbed my leg.  I scooped it up and motioned to Jan that I had once again found another stray. 

The cat is VERY friendly and sat on my shoulder, much to my chagrin, all the way home.  The kids have named it Willy and it seems to be a sweet little guy.  He purrs the moment you touch him and I am sure he will make another lovely pet as soon as he is neutered and vaccinated.  Just what I needed, another darn animal.  Aren't the kids enough?

About a mile after I saved the cat from meeting Jesus prematurely, I passed a wayward calf ambling alongside the highway.  Jan called me and asked me why I didn't stop to rescue it too.  Well duh, I'm sure it wouldn't sit quietly on the ride home!


Julie said...

Congrats on the new addition! What color is Willy? My Little Man has been gone for a month and I still miss him so! Give Willy a hug from me:)

Angela :-) said...

You answered the phone when someone called?! Am I just calling at the wrong times?

Angela :-)