Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Borscht and Biscuits

Tuesday was a bad day around here.  Nothing bad happened, it just seems that the kids and I were at odds all day long.  That translates to a difficult day of homeschooling where we all feel like we are banging our heads together or alternately banging them on the walls.  Just when I was about to explode with frustration, the neighbor lady, Joyce called to see if it was "Recess?"  BTW, that's mom code for, is it a good time for a drink?

She was going to come over here, but I instead told her I would be to her house in about 3 minutes.  Her kids...all 7 of them...are grown up and no longer in school.  I was going to say, no longer living at home, but we all know that's just fictional thoughts as most kids return home for some period of time after college.  Alas, she has her 23 year daughter living back at home.  So I raced like a bat out of hell, drove carefully over to Joyces to have some liquid refreshment.

In the midst of my  rambling about my mouthy kids, she decided one afternoon aint gonna cut it to help me out.  So she called last night and invited the whole family over for dinner tonight.  Seems we'll be having something none of us Oregonians have had before, Borscht soup.  It sounds great; hearty, earthy food complete with homemade buttermilk bisquits.  I'm bringing an apple cake for dessert, but the real reason I am going is to enjoy the company of a mom who successfully raised 7 children to productive adulthood.  She gets the chaos, dirt, dishevelment of having 3 boys and a 13 year old daughter.

I'm looking forward to having Borscht soup tonight.  Better yet, I'm looking forward to the company and experiencing the wisdom that a mom of 7 kids can pass on to me.  Lord knows I need the wisdom!

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