Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things to look forward to

Yeah, yeah, I know the title ends in a preposition and that is just plain bad grammar, so shoot me. I have 4 kids in homeschool, each with different needs and skills, different grade levels and a million books that refuse to stay put in the classroom. Sometimes I need to break the rules to feel like a rebel.

Kids have gym today which is reason enough to celebrate as it gives me an hour to talk to other mothers that have that dazed, frazzled look on their faces too and completely understand my day. Right now the kids are eating lunch and dancing, er,uh, spinning in circles until they almost vomit. They think it's fun, so whatever. 3 of the 4 kids have finished their school day already. Thomas will be working on math in the car as we drive to gym, but I can't complain since he is actually doing his work without too much complaining. Richnightder is almost finished with Kindergarten, which is what I started him in to give him a basis in English phonetics. He should be starting first grade curriculum in April and I am sure he will whip thru that too.

Jerome is scheduled for his corrective eye surgery in Minneapolis on March 4th. His pre-op appointment is on the 3rd, so that means I have to head out for the Cities on the 2nd. Oh yippeee! I am actually looking forward to this trip, how twisted is that. Jerome is ecstatic about having his eyes fixed and asks everyday if today is the day. Marc is staying home with the other kids while I take Jerome and since Jerome is such a happy love-bug kinda kid, this trip should be a breeze. I am contemplating taking Madison since she could stay at the hotel with him should I choose to escape to the Mall of America and squeeze in a little retail therapy post surgery.

The doctor has assured me that this is not a painful surgery and his eyes will not be patched so healing will not be too bad. I am hoping to arrive in Minneapolis in enough time to drop off the health kits our church has put together at the Lutheran Headquarters in the Cities, check into the hotel and head straight to the mall and my mothership....Nordstrom. Pastor Paul also asked me to pick up some kind of Scandanavian beverage at Ikea for him and I just might have to do a little shopping for myself there too.

My big sister may fly to Minneapolis to meet up with us and participate in some retail therapy. Wait, I mean, help take care of Jerome during his doctor appointments and surgery. kathy has never been to Minnesota, nor the Mall of America, so I think we might have some fun exploring together, just us two native Oregonians on the loose in Minneapolis. Right now, I have a loose agenda of things to accomplish. First, a stop at Tiffany and Co. to have my rings cleaned. Next, on to the mother ship and look for some new Stuart Weitzman's...they fit my feet like gloves...and a new Burberry handbag. Maybe something with a little 'springish' color to it.

So from our rural, jean wearing, homeschooling life, I am excited to revisit a bit of my former Portland, urban lifestyle. Why does meeting up with my sister kick me into overdrive where I feel the need to have nice shoes and a high end handbag?? Hmmm, guess no matter how old we are, sisterly competition will always be around. I can honestly say though, that when I put a new Burberry on my shoulder, I feel like a million bucks. I know, I know, totally shallow, but in a world where my days are spent doing, giving and sacraficing for others, I need to indulge myself every now and then. So with a designer purse, kick-ass shoes, nice jeans and some Tiffany jewelry, I should feel a little more re-invigorated at least for a few more months.

I feel hideously creepy for blogging about my indulgences when my beloved country of Haiti languishes in despair and need. All I can say about that is I haven't stopped giving, doing and planning on returning to Haiti to do whatever I can with my hands and heart to help rebuild that beautiful land. Pa bliye Ayiti..............................Do not forget Haiti!!

What I struggle with since the boys came home last May is striking a balance in my life. I am with my kids ALL.THE.TIME. I work, sleep, eat, play, teach, and do chores, all in the same environment of my home. Sometimes it feels like I am living Groundhog's Day over and over again. I get an occassional lunch with my friends, and that's about it. It's not enough. I feel guilty for telling Marc I need time ALONE. I would prefer to be alone with him, sans kids, but with 20 animals to take care, it is hard to find someone to care for all of them, so we can escape. So back to me, ME, ME! It's hard for me to express that I need and want to get away from the office(home) where my daily life occurs, day after day, after day. UGH. I need and want a change for a while. Guess that is why the trip to Minneapolis is looking so damn fine to me.


Corey said...

One of my girls (Tina) had strabismus in both eyes.. she had surgery at age 5, it was not painful.. but after surgery the whites of her eyes were blood red for a couple of days, it was rather jarring. I went in to see her in post-op and passed out at her bedside. That was embarrassing.

Try to avoid doing that, if you can. ;-)

Kristi said...

I can feel your pain. Don't feel guilty because we all need some time alone.