Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The epitome of true love

Not only is today Marc's birthday and not only is he the best husband and father in the universe, but today is also Valentine's Day. After 19 years of marriage to this man, there are some things I just know. Like since Valentine's is his birthday, he is used to getting the gifts and not so great at giving them to his wonderful wife....ME! I just know this so it is not a biggie. He does way too many other things that are fabulous, wonderful and generous.

Today we went to church at 8:30AM and then Marc and I taught Sunday School. It was a beautiful sunny day, albeit brutally cold. It was about -2f with a 25 mile an hour wind making it feel like -30. I drove home and knew that our little county road was pretty drifted over when we left, but our AWD Denali plowed through it like a champ, so I wasn't too concerned about getting back to our house. We live on a dead end gravel road with only 3 houses spread out over a mile so we are kind of on our own if s^&*! happens. Well I could see the drift had gotten much deeper and still thought I could plow through it but sadly, got stuck in the middle of it. We were so stuck that we had to get out and walk home, roughly a quarter mile.

Mind you, we only had on jeans, coats and everyday shoes: No hats, gloves, boots, etc. Thomas got out first and started walking in 2-3 feet deep snow and made steady progress. Madison went next and marched on too. Richnigthder was light enough that he could walk on top of the snow most of the way, but would occasionally fall through. I was next and watched the kids make slow progress towards the house leaving Marc and Jerome following behind me. It was very slow going and when I looked back, Marc had scooped Jerome up and was taking painfully slow, deep steps through the snow. Jerome was sobbing due to the extreme cold and the next thing I knew, Marc had taken off his coat and wrapped it around Jerome. That left Marc in only his shirt, still walking through crotch deep snow carrying Jerome.

When we all made it inside, the little boys were sobbing from the pain of having never been so cold before and Marc was shivering and shaking. I love this man for giving his littlest son the coat off his back to keep Jerome warm and forsake his own well being. I adore this man and am so happy he is the father of my 4 children.


Tifanni said...

What a great story. Happy Birthday Marc :)

Corey said...

That IS a good man.

You are never going to get that kid outside again.


Kristen said...

Wow, way to make the pregnant lady cry.
Happy Birthday Marc!