Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Only in North Dakota. Well, maybe Siberia too

IT's been colder here. Last January 15th, it was -44f. Last Friday morning it was a little chilly at -32f. Jerome had an eye doctor appointment and Thomas had one too, but for his rash. Anyhoooo, after Jerome was finished at the Opthamologist's we went thru the drive thru at McDonald's. See, I am a great mother, feeding my children hot, fat-laden, delicious tasting food at regular intervals throughout the day. For some unknown reason we had to wait for Jerome's #9 crispy chicken sandwhich to be made, so I had to pull forward and wait for our order. A few minutes later, out walked a young boy who appeared to be about 15 carrying our order. I rolled the window down and promptly scolded him. Only in North Dakota would someone meander outside without wearing a jacket, in only his short-sleeved shirt. At the time, checked the temp and it was -30f. I told him he should be ashamed to come outside without a coat on and his mother would be disappointed in him. He sulked back into McDonald's and I am sure talked about the bitchy old lady that just chastised him for his stupidity!

I relayed this story to Marc later on and he then pointed out to me, that he ran outside to plug in his car in only his underpants that morning.....after just having gotten out of the shower and still with wait hair. If only I had a camera to catch him hustling across the front porch in his panties and snow boots. :) So maybe guys don't call their undies panties, but they should because underwear or briefs or whatever never sounds as nice or dignified as panties.


Tifanni said...

only in North Dakota would that ever happen. That poor kid is going to be scared to ever bring anything out again :)

Jenn said...

Sadly, it happens North of the border as well! We had a week of about -50 with the windchill and do you know how many dumbass teenagers I saw waiting for the bus in only hoodies....

Brent and Lori said...

My husband likes to wear shorts... all year long. We're nowhere near those horrid temps you have, but as he pulled a coat on to go run errands WHILE WEARING SHORTS, I just had to shake my head. He knows he needs a coat, but somewhere between the thought triggering and the pant legs, the thought was lost. :-)