Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gotcha day, Church fundraiser, and Madi's big day

First and most importantly, my friend Lori and her husband Brent celebrated their gotcha day today with their beautiful little boy, Nathan. Their adoption story is definetly not one that was easy peasy, but today the 3 of them are together forever, in the U.S.A. Now please don't stop the prayers or thoughts and good vibes as they are still trying to bring their baby girl home from Haiti too, as are many, many other families who are now roadblocked once again due to the most assinine, backwards, ill-intentioned efforts of UNICEF. DON"T GET ME STARTED ON THE NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF UNICEF. LET ME JUST SUFFICE IT TO SAY THAT THEY ARE NOT PRO-ADOPTION AND WOULD BE VERY HAPPY TO KEEP ALL OF THE RELINQUISHED ORPHANS IN HAITI......FOREVER!!!!

Our itty-bitty little country Lutheran church today held a pancake breakfast to raise money for Lutheran World Disaster Relief...which has already donated several million dollars to Haiti, and also had a silent auction. I had Haitian families that live in Bismarck come out to partake of the action with us and it was good to see them. Also had horse friends show up to donate and show support as well as a homeschool family that we are only just getting to know. All of these old and new friends came to show support because of our family's ties to Haiti. This means the world to me, to know that other's really understand how much this disaster affects our family. Haiti is not just my boys' birth country, but our forever adopted second homeland. It was good to hear Creole bantered around and to watch my boys listen and speak in their native language.

At one point, the Merger family were speaking to Jerome in Creole and he must not have understood as he looked right at Yves and said " Hey, I non konprann. I parle Spanish!" OMG everybody burst out laughing and Yves and Nirva just told me I need to speak Creole to him, more than Dora is speaking Spanish. Jerome is a total crack-up!!

Lastly, my beautiful almost 13 year old daughter was invited to go to see Avatar,,, BY. A. BOY!! After I read her emails without her knowledge, I realized that this boy did indeed invite her on a date. Now since I know the family of this young man, I can vouch that he is indeed a nice young boy and his mom and I have been known to have a good laugh over a STRONG Margarita. So in other words, he comes from a normal, nice family. And the best thing of all, her young beau insisted on paying for all the costs at the movies including the extra-large popcorn. WooHoo.

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Tifanni said...

Jerome is just too funny. No wonder our boys were such great buds at the creche-they are hilarious :)