Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Why me?????

We got an interesting package from my MIL yesterday. Opening it up and discovering what was inside was one of the great joys of my life. Now in all honesty, she did phone me a few days ago to tell me this package was heading our way to open it up right away and not to wait. Oh, the suspense was building and like always...Pop, goes the lead balloon.

Inside were 6 placements, not matching of course, that we recognized from her kitchen table, still complete WITH SPILLED FOOD!!!! GROSS! Also completing this lovely array of gifts, were sticker sheets for the kids with several stickers missing, factory second shirts, a beer can chicken roaster thingy mabob for me, and one pair of Jedi warrior anklets for the taking. She also tucked in a couple (actually cute) kitchen dish towels, that I am pretty sure I gave her a few years back. And less I forget, she included Richnigthder's birthday gift.....not late or anything since his birthday was October 14th.

What is up with this crap? Am I the only one who shares the sentiment that I would much rather just get a card, than a box full of #*&%?????


Kristi said...

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Photo's are an absolute must with a post like this. LOL

Melissa said...

Yeah, that is really strange. Maybe you should just keep it in the box and wrap it back up for her for Mothers Day as she clearly doesn't see anything wrong with it.

Corey said...


Dude. I totally feel your pain.

When I first got married, my crazy MIL sent us a ginormous box full of Goodwill crap. That, I don't know, she expected me to decorate our apartment with, I guess. I did not even take it back to Goodwill. I took it where it rightfully belonged, to the dumpster. Then over the course of time, after our daughter was born, she sent me an outraged letter saying that she didn't see ANY of the stuff she sent us in ANY of the pictures we took of the baby, and that she either wanted us to send the stuff back or send her $200. I was like, are you feckin' serious? I told her, gosh golly gee, I'm sorry, but I thought those were gifts and that I could do what I wanted with them, and I don't have them any more. Sorry!

Thankfully the FIL divorced the crazy B within a year or so. Of course, the next one was only a year older than me, and the stories only get worse from there.. but.. I feel your pain, truly, I do.

Although the food-encrusted placemats, that IS extra special.

Brent and Lori said...

Goodness...People are so awesome!

(You'd tell me if I started burying the needle on your crazy-o-meter, right??)

it'd be a pretty dull world if we were all the same, I guess.

Sarah & Crew said...

Whoohooo-that's quite an assortment of gifts!

The ONE time we rec'd a package from my MIL, in the 9 years we have been married, it included a re-gifted doll to Hatfield that I bought for my neice 2 years earlier. And 3 used, size 3T pair of boys underwear, complete with stains, for my 5-month old son. Oh, the joy!

I vote for re-gifting her the placemats for Mother's Day, just to see what she does ;)