Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The tree is up, the ground is white and the picture is taken!!

Carlos, hiding in the dryer. Richnigthder with gucci, Jerome with Carlos, Madison
Pebbles and Thomas with Kitty and Bunny

We have the tree upright, in the stand and Marc is actively working on getting the lights on in a way that looks attractive and not just thrown on in a helter-skelter fashion. The new puppies, Bunny and Kitty are doing their best to tear it down by eating the lower branches and actually dragging the 9 foot tree and stand across the room. Sweet little puppies ;-)!

Madison spent 3 hours in the emergency room last Friday for a snowboarding accident that occured right here in our front yard. I was inside on the phone getting some juicy gossip on a gal that is notouriosly nasty, when Madison came bursting thru the front door screaming her shoulder was hurt. I made all the typical hand gestures and finger snapping to let her know I was on the phone and to be quiet, yet her crying persisited. I got off the phone and realized her arm did seem to genuinely hurt, so off we went to the hospital, with Richnigthder and Jerome in tow.

Poor kid actually did dislocate her shoulder and break her collarbone, so I'm glad i got off the phone and took her in when I did. Yes, you may wonder how could she fall and hurt herself on our little tiny slope in the front yard.............Welllllll, seems she sprayed non-stick cooking spray on the bottom of the snowboard and whoosh, she was off, literally!

Today we did Christmas pictures with the 4 kids and 5 dogs. It was snowing lightly and the wind was just starting to pick up, so I think it turned out ok for a home photo. One or two of the pictures seem acceptable given that it was painful to get the kids and dogs to sit and face the camera at the same time.


Tifanni said...

oh my gosh. You have more dogs then kids :)
I love the picture

Julie said...

I love the pix! Wish I had even one of those dogs! Haven't had a dog for a few years now. Enjoy the snow:)

Kristen said...

Ouch! I hope Madi is feeling better soon. Don't forget to tell her to milk it for Christmas gifts!