Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Friday, May 29, 2009

K-mart sightings

I dropped Jerome off today at his playgroup and headed off with Richnigthder to do some errands. I am looking for several rather particular Rubbermaid containers and having nearly exhausted all my options, I thought I would pay K-mart a visit.

I spotted this fellow as I was driving into the parking lot. Even at K-mart this dude stood out. He was wearing red sweatpants, hiking boots, a superman t-shirt and a beige trench coat all completed with a CIA baseball hat. To add to his stellar undercover attire, he held an very antiquated walkie-talkie and tended to follow other somewhat less odd patrons to their cars. I think he really labored under the delusion that he was an operative for the CIA. I snapped the pic on my phone through my very dirty windshield as I thought it would be rude to merely drive right up to the fellow and snap his picture. It was a typical k-mart experience complete with the obligatory sightings of moo-moos, house slippers and hair rollers. Oh, and I did not find my elusive Rubbermaid continues.


Tifanni said...

Nothing like a trip to K-mart to make you leave feeling pretty darn good about yourself. Its almost as much fun as going to the fair :)

Melissa said...

Kmart is always reliable for interesting people. There are also a lot of Blue Hairs that still think that a "Kmart Price" is still the cheapest so they stear clear of fancy places like Target. Notice all of the Buicks parked in the lot next time. Thanks for sharing the photo with us of Super CIA Man!

stephanie garcia said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog ... it's encouraging to know that eventually they do make it home.