Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Monday, May 4, 2009

more fun than a poke in the eyeball with a stick

Thomas got sick this afternoon with a fever, body aches sore throat and headache. I decided to take him to the doctor and quickly realized Jerome wasn't feeling well. So off to the doctor's office we went......alll friggin' 6 of us. Both boys have a viral infection and will probably feel crappy for a few days. When Marc and I came out of the exam room, Madison who had been waiting in the waiting room, was looking sickly and is now sick like Thomas and Jerome. AHHHH, I just wonder when Richnightder will come down with it too? Both of the little boys go to the doctor on Thursday for their first big check up so maybe they will just think tonights little trip to the office was a warm up lesson.

And just to prove that we have qualifed medical professionals in North Dakota, the on-call pediatrician felt it necessary to point out to us that Jerome has crossed eyes. No way, we also hadn't noticed he was black! Thankfully the doctor was astute and noted these things. Whew!


Sarah & Crew said...

Oh no! I am so sorry to read that you are all so sick! I'll pray that you all get better soon.

And that doctor. . .wow! is all I have to say. Just goes to show that the possession of an advanced degree doesn't idiot-proof anyone.

Get well soon!

Jenn said...

Glad the doc is keeping you in the know...after all just think if he wasn't so astute-that poor little guy would have gone a lifetime with crossed eyes and you, a mere layperson, would never have noticed!

Tifanni said...

Sorry to hear that you guys are all sick.
Maybe on Thursday, you can have Bill Engvall bring you doc his sign :)

Brent and Lori said...

HAHAHAHA! You do know your adopted children can't marry each other, right?

We've learned some stellar things from our medical professionals, eh?