Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Am I missing something here?

We have 40 acres of bare land for sale in Wilton, North Dakota.  When we bought this land, we planned on building on it and customizing it for our horses.  Soon after we bought it, we found this house on 40 acres and it seemed a no-brainer to buy the house we are in since it required much less planning, developing and building.

Fast forward to today.  We have held onto the land as an investment.  Land prices in North Dakota are escalating quickly and is at a premium.  40 acre lots are becoming very rare in the Bismarck/Mandan area and in fact we have one of only a handful available for purchase.  We have marketed ours well under competitive pieces  and against all reason, every time we raise the price we get more interest and offers.

We currently have two offers.  One offer we have agreed upon the price and have given the family a few weeks to get their financing in order.  Yesterday we got another offer from a gal who is crazy about the property and has already contacted builders about getting a home constructed on the property.  Here's where I am feeling insulted and bewildered. 

She made us a low ball, insulting offer, $35,000 under our asking price.  We countered back at full asking price and she replied with, "This really doesn't help us with our payments. We want to stay at a certain payment amount and was thinking you would help us."  WTF?????  Am I missing something here?  Is it our responsibility to help the prospective buyer meet her payments?  Then she added, that it's a little further out of Bismarck than they wanted and what about the snowy and icy roads?  Um, yeah.  That's part of living in North Dakota. 

Am I being dense here?  When did it become our responsibility to help the buyer meet their payment comfort level?  Look, you either buy it or you don't.  Maybe I'll start going through life like this gal.  I'll just expect everyone to help me out and make my life easier.  Yep, that takes a load off of me.  Next time I'm at the grocery store, I'll just tell the checker that the price really doesn't help me stay in my budget and stand there and pout.  If any of my kids ever grow up to be this inept, I'll blame, hmmm, everybody else!


Joy said...

Oh now. No, you aren't missing anything. This generation thinks they should get something for nothing. Truly sad.

Natalie said...

Ohhh, I hope I find a seller who is willing to help me out. I hear there are people who just give their houses away...

She's smoking crack.

Tina Hollenbeck said...

I sometimes watch the real estate shows on HGTV, and I cannot believe the low-balling that buyers try to get away with; going a bit below asking is a negotiating technique, but going way under is just a slap in the face when you know you've already priced it appropriately (as the buyers' agent should be able to tell them). I've seen your subsequent post about her now paying full asking, and that's great - but, yeah, you have every right to be insulted by the initial low-balling and entitlement mentality. What's it to you about their payments and their drive time? If they don't like either, then your property wouldn't be for them! It's not like you can't find another buyer. Some people's kids, huh?