Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What lessons are to be learned by this?

I'm a big believer in living life and learning lessons from those experiences.  Of course, hindsight is always 20/20, but upon reflection I can almost always recall having felt gut instincts or feeling a sense of intuition that I ignored.  This instance is no different.

8 days ago I stuck my leg out to protect the powercord and laptop from being catapulted to the floor and ended up with major knee damage.  Oddly enough, right before I stuck my leg out, I had a sense of deja vu( for lack of a better description) and had the fleeting instinct to keep my legs curled up on the couch.  I ignored my gut instinct and am now left with a complete MCL tear.  Not only is my MCL torn completely thru the deep and superficial layers, but it is also pulled away from the femur. addition to the MCL damage I also have meniscal damage.  Seems that will actually require some surgery to 'clean up' the pieces that are just hanging around in the joint now.  So, for the next 3 weeks I am to continue with this hideous leg brace and have ZERO weight bearing.  After 6-8 weeks, the doctor will re-evaluate how much healing has taken place on my MCL and then plan to salvage the meniscus. 

What have I learned from this lesson?  To always listen to that little voice  inside of myself and not ignore it.  If I had listened to that instinct 8 days ago, I would be writing about the expense of buying a new laptop.  Boy, do I sure wish I was bitching about that now instead of being confined to the living room couch and using crutches to get to the bathroom.

I believe in intuition.  If only I didn't have to learn it in earnest the hard way. 


Kristi said...

The good news? That health insurance doesn't even begin to cover the cost of a new laptop but will, at least partially, cover the cost of your knee. Oh that's not good news? Well then I guess you could have purchased several new laptops by the time this is said and done with. Chin up and take a much deserved break. I am certain that the children will be able to handle all the housework and stuff themselves with minimal complaining! Not. :o)

Sarah said...

Ouch! That is major suckage, my dear friend. I know exactly what you are talking about though, with the feeling of intuition and ignoring it :( Not a fun lesson at all. Hang in there!