Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Guess I am a cheap date

I was going to leave the kids at home this afternoon and head into town by myself. My big plans would have taken me to Barnes and Noble for some new books that will occupy space on my nightstand and MIGHT get read sometime soon, grocery shopping without kids, and returning some items from Christmas, yes Christmas!

All that changed when Marc called and said if I could hold off from heading into town for a while, he would come home, join me and we'd squeeze in a date night. Wahooo, a big time at the bookstore, grocery store and maybe Applebees. I'm just looking forward to time alone with him without crabby kids and runny noses. Guess I should slap on some makeup and as my dear mother would say, try to make myself presentable and pleasing for Marc. If only she knew it was as simple as saying to Marc, "Yeah, what the hell, I guess we can squeeze in a quickie before Letterman comes on."

Yeah date night is fun, but coming home to the inevitable disaster is less than appealing. I know that Madison will keep the kids in line....because we all know she was born a dominatrix...but it's the toys everywhere, dishes, everywhere, blankets, pillows and art supplies scattered all around the house. If only I had a delightful little maid to come in and wave her magic wand and shape this crap hole into a tidy place of peace. That's delusional thinking on my part, so reality forces me to just accept the disorder that will occur when I'm gone and deal with it tomorrow.

Date night however fun and enjoyable, is pure and simple, way more work than when you are a childless couple. Nonetheless, I'm signing off to go put on some makeup and perfume to tempt Marc. Who knows? Maybe we'll end up making out in the Barnes and Noble parking lot again!


Sarah & Crew said...

Laughing my bum off here! Too, too funny. I can sooo relate :)

Hatfield is taking a babysitting course next weekend at the YWCA. Whoohoo! I'll leave her with Atticus or Paloma for a quick run to the bank or up to the store for that one forgotten ingredient. But I am scared to leave all 5 alone just yet.

Have fun making out!

Tifanni said...

Hey, At least you can leave your alone. Mike and I have our standing leftover lunch date daily, but we only have "real" dates every couple of months.
I do understand the worry about the mess. Seriously, I hope Alice gets over here soon and gets to work :)