Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
Our boys in Haiti

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pick up lines

Our dear friends, the Watkins family, have the funniest kids alive.  Seriously, naturally funny kids.  I know they get it from their seriously funny parents, but as of last night, we feel one of our kids just might be able to match the Watkins in the humor department.

Madison went to the neighbors and rode with the 16 year old girl that works there.  Then they both came here to play with Angus, the new puppy.  I'll get to Angus McDog later on.  Anyhow I've been telling people for a year or so that Thomas is a walking hormone these days.  Let's just say he has a sincere interest in girls; older, blond, blue-eyed girls.  So in walks Libby with very long blond hair, tight jeans, boots and spurs.  Totally his kind of girl.

Jerome loves girls but for different reasons than Thomas or Richnigthder.  Jerome itemizes girls and likes to tell me how he would like to look like them.  He too likes blond hair and long legs, but he WANTS them as in he wants to be a girl.  That's another whole story altogether, but it doesn't bother us.  Just so you know if our little Jerome wants to be a girl when he reaches adulthood, we would help him achieve that and love him just the same.  It's his soul we love and it's one of the best souls God ever made.  But I digress somewhat.

So last night Libby and Madison were in the family room just talking until about 2AM.  Marc and I had long since gone to bed and when Angus woke us up to go out and go potty, Madison asked if we could keep Thomas and Richnightder away from them so they could have some girl time.  Sure no problem.  We sent them each to bed and the girls were happy.

Fast forward to this morning when Madison is explaining to us how Thomas was trying out some pick up lines he learned from some movie.  Let's just say it leaves a lot of room to be fine tuned and finessed.  Seems he wrote on an index card 'boner' and handed it to Libby.  Yep, we are proud parents.  I suppose this means we have some work to do with Thomas on explaining the fine points of sweet-talking girls!  Boner, is not going to get him a date.  A kick in the crotch maybe, but definitely not a date.  Besides, he's too young to date, but not too young for a kick in the raisins.

Which brings us back to Jerome's antics.  While Marc and I are still up and the kids were in the family room, Jerome handed Libby a note.  Now it must be noted that Jerome is still learning English phonetics and sometimes spells things the way HE hears them, not necessarily the way the rest of us hear the words.  So he hands Libby a detailed list of her body parts: eyes, ears, butt, hands, leg...yes just one leg was noted, and last but not least, muff.  Yes, muff.  Of course she didn't know quite how to take that notation, but after some deciphering, it appears Jerome was trying to write 'mouth' which of course translates to him hearing, muff. 

So between Thomas' Rico Suave pick up lines and Jerome's inventory of body parts, I doubt we'll be seeing Libby back here anytime soon.  Actually she'll be back tomorrow to take a jumping lesson from Madison, but it's a safe bet, we will be keeping the boys....all 3 boys....far away from Madison and Libby.  This family cannot take anymore mortification.


Lindsay Mama to Nine said...

Made me giggle.

Emma said...

Geralyn - I asked Thomas about this girl yesterday, and he looked a little confused. So I continued on to say that I had read all of these details in your blog. He was like "Mooommm!" Haha! Too funny!