Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Picture this...

The scene played out in the hallway on the third floor of the Federal Building in Bismarck, where Marc has his main office.  He had just left his office and ran into a man that works down the hall as an assistant United States Attorney.  Marc knows this guy casually and has never had a long conversation with this guy before yesterday.

Marc said that this guy initiated small talk about some governmental law involving drugs.  Marc acknowledged he knew about this new law and that's when this guy shoved not just his foot, but his whole damn leg into his mouth.  This guy told Marc he couldn't say what he was going to tell Marc in his office (United States Attorney's Office), but for some reason, he 'knew' he could tell Marc.  He then proceeded to enlighten Marc that this knew law was "A black thing, because of Obama and that's what brother's do."  He then added that drug addiction was also a "Black thing." 

That's when Marc said, "Hey, you know what?  I have 4 black kids!"  He said the look on his face was that of someone being punched in the belly and all the air escaping leaving them suffocating and drooling.  That's when the guy started checking his watch and saying he had to run, but not before Marc enlightened him in the ways of his ignorance.  Marc has a little more diplomacy and eloquence in his 'chats' than I do and I am sure this guy walked away not even sure he had been made to feel ignorant, but feeling justifiably embarrassed by his gross behavior.

What bugs me most about this situation is that this man is an attorney representing the United States government.  He has a picture of President Obama in the office where he works as does Marc.  It's part of the respect that is given to the Commander in Chief of our country.  This guy may not like Obama's policies, but he needs to be respectful and keep the derogatory slurs to himself.  Hey, Marc wasn't wild about Bush as president, yet when his picture hung in his office in the Federal Building, Marc was respectful of the man and the position he held. 

I guess this butt-hole guy showed his true colors of bigotry and racism with what he said to Marc in the halls of the Federal Building.  I wonder how unbiased and open-minded he would be if he was prosecuting a young black man accused of drug crimes?  I'm willing to bet, he would exhibit all the politically correct statements in public, and behind closed doors, berate and belittle ALL black people with the stroke of a broad brush and paint them all as stupid, unemployed dope dealers. 

It's 2011 people.  What's with judging people merely by the amount of pigment in their skin?  Judge people based on their actions, not by their appearance. 

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Tifanni said...

What an ass! I would have loved to see the guys face when Marc filled him in our your kids.