Samuel Jerome and Richnightder

Samuel Jerome and Richnightder
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Sunday, October 31, 2010

And Yet Another E.R. Visit

This time our trip to the ER did not involve broken bones or stitches, it was for Madison and her migraine.  She has suffered with migraines since she was 4 or 5 years old when she started getting headaches and over the years, they have progressed to migraines.  Typically if we can Ibuprofen into her the moment she complains of pain, we can stop it, but not yesterday.

Marc and I had just left to take the dogs to dog class and she called to say she had blind spots in her vision and a headache that came on with the flip of a switch.  We turned around and came home, but it quickly became apparent that she would need more than I could do for her at home.  In addition to her visual disturbances and head pain, she also had tingling in her left hand.  Now since I suffer from migraines too, I was sadly familiar with these symptoms.  10 years ago I had a migraine so severe that Marc thought I was having a stroke and called an ambulance.

They hooked Madison up to an IV and infused her with a cocktail of pain relievers, benadryl (for the sleep affect) and an anti-nausea medicines.  Soon she was drifting into a moderate sleep and no more had her breathing become relaxed and rythmic than the nurse pops into and gives her shoulder a good jiggle and loudly demands of Madison to note her pain level from 1-10.  Hospitals suck at letting people rest!  Her headache went from a top of the chart pain to a tolerable 2 and we were sent home.

She slept most of the afternoon and early evening, but when she did rouse, she still complained of her head hurting in her right temple.  Now I know from personal experience that migraines seem to move around and often, at least for me, last a good 24 hours and then I am left with what I call a 'hangover' headache.  By that I mean the headache just rambles and seeks to lurk in the recesses of my brain, ready to spring back to malevolent life at any given breath.  The ER doctor who reminded me of Duggie Howser since he wasn't much older than Madison, was insistent that if Madison awoke with the headache still in play she would need to come back and have an MRI or CT scan.  Being the hypochondriac that I am, this made me feel sick to my stomach....and then, she did wake with the headache.

Her vision was fine after the ER and she was no longer vomiting, but yet her head continued to throb.  When she woke this morning she was feeling better, but still not herself.  I think several factors are in play causing her problems, first and foremost being she has had a head cold and is still significantly congested.  Also even with all the IV fluids they filled her with, she did not have to go fe peepee for 12 hours!  She also has what several other people have right now which interestingly enough is a severe headache with vomiting that last a couple of days....viral...that's my guess.  And lastly, the infamous hormones of a young lady.  Add to that the stress of trying to wrap up our school year, and somewhere in that big 'ol pot of stess is the perfect recipe for a migraine.

I am enormously grateful that we are blessed to have a wonderful open adoption with Madison's birth mom, Angela and birth dad, Darryl.  The questions that are asked in the doctors office/ER always bring to light how important one's genetic history is in situations like this.  In fact, Angela called yesterday just as the doctor was coming into the exam room.  Unfortunately, Madison comes by her headaches thru a genetic link to Angela...and me too.  How odd that both her mom's have the same migraine issues.

She is moving around right now in preparation to go trick-or-treating dressed as a girl from the '80's.  When she approached me about the idea of being a big-haired girl from the '80's she knew I could help her since she has seen my high school and  college pictures from the mid to late 1980's.  Sadly, I knew just how to give her mall bangs and dress her in shoulder pads, skinny GUESS jeans with zippers in the ankles, high top Reeboks, and lots and lots of bangles and BIG earrings.  Like totally, OMG, she looks like a total valley girl!

I am happy she feels better to be up and on the move, but Halloween is definetly not my holiday.  I have nothing against it, I just hate going door-to-door asking for candy.  For God's sake, if my kids want candy, I'll buy it for them myself.  Marc tells me I'm a kill joy, so he will be taking them into town tonight while I put a bowl of candy on the porch and enjoy some peace and quiet by myself.  Oh I relish an hour or two of Q.U.I.E.T!

But tomorrow is the start, at least for me of the best time of year.  I adore Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I love to plan Thanksgiving dinner, look forward to holidays with friends, family and good food. Oh and let's not forget that tomorrow they begin to stock the store shelves with Christmas candy.  Oh joy!!!!!  My favorite candy are the extra creamy milk chocolate jingle bells. 

Before I end, I have to add one last intersting tidbit from yesterdays long episode spent rubbing Madison's head, none of which I begrudge her, it just happens that it was during that time she told me her thoughts.  I was trying to help Madison visualize herself doing, being, feeling her best and happiest.  I tried to help her by telling her how I see myself on a beach hearing only the sounds of the waves when I have a migraine and it was then that she shared her happiest place.  She said she is happiest when she is riding her horses and taking lessons at Karla's.  She pictured herself riding and feeling free and happy on her new horse.  Her thoughts brought to light how happy it made me to hear that is her greatest pleasure.  This especially since the ER nurse asked me Madison's age and if there was any chance she was pregnant!!!!!  After the ringing in my ears stopped and I said NO, I realized that sadly for some, that is reality.  So dear daughter, enjoy your horses for ever and ever and stay clear of those boys until at least 45!


Angela :-) said...

Migraines SUCK. There I said it. And I'm not sorry I did.

Angela :-)

Julie said...

I am so glad she is feeling better! I've had migraines too-yucko.